The plumbing in your home or business needs skilled and specialized experts who know their craft and have perfected it over the years.

We have all that and more at AL-CLY, and here is our story:

Our company was started in 1979 by the partnership of Albert Lee Hagler and Sonny Clyde. And if you have not gathered by now, AL-CLY is part of their names: AL from Albert and CLY from Clyde.

They worked for years as professional plumbers before they got together to start the plumbing company, which we now know as AL-CLY. Their extended exposure to the industry and gathered experience as plumbers, made the company as successful as it is today.

Our business had a humble beginning that steadily grew over the years. The company started as a general plumbing service providing company, and today, we have over 30 employees with better skills at plumbing. Furthermore, now the business has about 12 tracks that help us become efficient as our jobs.

Back then, Sonny was in charge of the field crew plumbers who went out to get all the jobs done, while Albert was in charge of all the administrative office functions. He managed all the sales, estimates, record-keeping, and anything that was office-based.

The duo runs the business hand-in-hand, and eventually, Wes Hagler joined the team after working as a construction professional. Wes decided to become a vital part of the business in 2011. Next to enter was Mark Weaver, who is currently a partner of the AL-CLY plumbing business.

Mark started as a Plumber helper, and now he is a successful General Super Intendent in charge of managing the field.

Core Values


Our company is deep-rooted in family values that stand on loyalty, togetherness, and amicable relationships. And this is extended to employees and clients alike.

Loyalty Over Everything

We value loyalty, which is why we have employees who have worked for us for more than three years. Even so, our clientele list is steadily growing as we also get to retain most of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Over Quantity

We have a team of highly skilled plumbers who have mastered this craft and are happy to offer these services to you, our client. We have that small hometown feel in our operations, but we still deliver the same quality work to our clients, big or small.

Personal residential jobs and extensive commercial jobs get the same quality work from our team of experts.

We Serve the Whole State of Alabama

Whenever you want any plumbing job done, we will be there promptly. We have the artistry that will handle all the work delegated to us in the entire state of Alabama. We are just a call away, and you can also reach us via email or visit our offices if you have any questions.

Our able team of plumbers and customer care will answer any questions and help you in any way they can. Contact us today!